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    Walnut Watch Winder Box

    ₹12 422

    Effectively maintains automatic watches and prevents the resinification of watch oils. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: Walnut wood, leather, varnish, acrylic

    Weight: 7.5 Kg

    Storage: 4 watches in rotation, 9 watches stored

    Colour: Light brown

    Options: Anti-magnetization, low power consumption, lockable

    Winding Direction: Counter-clockwise, clockwise, counter-clockwise + clockwise

    Power Supply (included): EU adapter + battery

    Quiet: Yes

    Ref: 2352P

    Contents: 1 watch winder, 1 cable, 1 manual

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    Rotation Modes

    Mode 1: stop

    Mode 2: Rotates clockwise for 3 minutes, stops 28 minutes, then repeats.

    Mode 3: Rotates counter-clockwise for 3 minutes, stops 28 minutes, then repeats.

    Mode 4: Bi-directional, 3 minutes clockwise, stops for 28 minutes, then rotates for 3 minutes counter-clockwise, stops for 28 minutes and repeats.

    Mode 5: Bi-directional, 10 minutes clockwise, 10 minutes counter-clockwise, for 1 hour stops for 4 hours and repeats.

    Walnut Watch Winder Box Description

    Elegant and Refined Design

    The Walnut Watch Winder Box combines aesthetics and functionality with its quality materials: walnut wood, leather, varnish, and acrylic. Weighing 7.5 kg, it demonstrates durability and stability. The light brown colour adds a touch of warmth and elegance to this exceptional case.

    Capacity and Security

    The Walnut Watch Winder Box offers storage capacity for 4 rotating watches and 9 stored watches, thus protecting and maintaining your precious automatic watches. It also features options such as anti-magnetization, low power consumption, and lockable to ensure an optimal level of security.

    Advanced Features

    The Walnut Watch Winder Box provides several rotation modes to accommodate the varying needs of your automatic watches. Additionally, it is quiet and operates using an EU adapter or a battery (included).

    In summary, the Walnut Watch Winder Box is a true luxury case for your automatic watches, sustainably winding them and preventing the resinification of the watch oils. It is indispensable for high-end watches and is sure to satisfy the most demanding horology enthusiasts.


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    Automatic watch winders are made from carefully selected materials. To ensure a long product life, please treat it with care.

    • All components are listed in the product specifications.
    • To care for it, please clean and polish it with a soft cloth and keep it in a dry place.

    Frequently asked questions

    Watch winders fit all bracelets and dials. Where there is a risk that the winder may be too small, this is indicated in the product data sheet.

    On average, an automatic watch needs 600 revolutions per day. The older your watch, the more revolutions per day it will need. When your watch is new, 500 revolutions a day is more than sufficient.

    Your watch is placed in a rotating cup. The aim is to simulate the movement of your wrist. It is this movement that allows the oil in the rotor to remain fluid and keep the rotor moving smoothly.

    So your watch will stay on time all year round, and be ready to wear at any time.

    Your watch can remain in rotation for 12 hours a day. The watch winders are calibrated and programmed to respect the rest periods for your timepieces.

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