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    An automatic watch requires an average of 600 rotations per day.

    The older your watch, the more daily turns it will need. When your watch is new, 500 turns per day is ample enough.

    Your watch is placed in a rotating cup. The objective is to mimic the movement of your wrist. It is this movement that allows the oil present in the rotor, to stay fluid and maintain the regular motion of the rotor.

    This way, your watch will keep the correct time all year round and will be ready to wear at any time.

    Watch winders are made to accommodate all types of straps and dials. If there is a risk that the winder may be too small, it will be noted in the product description.

    Your watch can stay in rotation for 12 hours each day. The watch winders are calibrated and programmed while respecting the resting periods for your timepieces.

    The winders come from Germany, China, Turkey, Italy, or Switzerland. The origin is indicated on the product sheet. They are selected, tested, and approved by us.


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    Some of the winders and watch boxes in our catalogue are in our workshops, others are not. This could explain the differences in delivery times between orders.

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    All return costs and other charges are borne by the customer.

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