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    Why use an automatic watch winder?

    Are you looking forward to enhancing the care you provide to your cherished timepiece or seek a solution to a malfunction?

    Welcome to The Automatic Watch Winder!

    We proudly offer you the best accessories to safeguard your watches and avoid a multitude of problems such as:

    • Premature wear and tear of your watches
    • Loss of time entrusting them to a repairer
    • Damage to the mechanisms during manual winding
    • Loss or breakage of your luxury watch in an accident
    • Theft of your cherished belongings

    As these issues are common, we recommend investing in suitable equipment for maintaining your prestigious watches. Indeed, when you do not wear
    your automatic watches regularly, they may malfunction and depreciate in value.

    Many watch enthusiasts fear losing their favorite timepieces someday. Therefore, it is vital to take care of these valuable items and extend their lifespan. That's why we advise investing in a quality automatic watch winder or an automatic safe for enhanced security.


    How does an automatic watch winder work?

    A watch winder is an accessory designed to display your watches while simulating the natural movement of the wrist. This prevents the internal watch oil from solidifying, thereby keeping your watch functioningwithout the hands stopping. It's advised to avoid manually winding your watches too frequently so as not to damage the internal mechanisms.

    Automatic winders are crucial for owners of luxury watches. They not only showcase your collector's watches but also keep them in good working condition over the long term, thus preserving their value.

    In brief, an automatic watch winder serves to keep your watch in motion, hence keeping the rotor of the internal watch mechanism active and preventing the watch oils from resinifying (a cause of watches stopping). It ensures the consistent proper functioning of your cherished timepiece.

    The case rotates your watch to keep it running, adding refined elegance to your decor. This display device blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

    Moreover, it's equipped with a cutting-edge, silent motor that incorporates the latest technological advancements in watch winders for men and women. Such a mechanism ensures constant natural rotation, thus making certain that your watch always remains in perfect working condition without losing its calibration.

    Importantly, this is particularly suited to mechanical watches.

    The benefits of a watch winder


    Value and security

    Invest in a watch winder to safeguard your horological heritage.As an investor, your collector's watches need not be a source of worry anymore! With our automatic accessories, you can take a back seat, secure in the knowledge that your prized timepieces are stored safely. Discover the perks of a standard watch winder to protect and uphold the value of your watches:

    • Maintain your watches in pristine conditionwithin a sturdy carbon case.
    • Keep your timepiece ever-accurate andin immaculate condition, ason the first day.
    • Lodge your valuables in a robust and secure storage case made of wood or carbon fibre.
    • Secure the winder with a fingerprint or lock for enhanced security, complemented with LED lighting, a digital touchscreen and rotation modes compatible withevery watch model.
    • Bypass the risk of loss or damage to your most valuable watches, thereby safeguarding your investment.
    • Enjoy the comfort of a 100% silent motor when operating the winder.

    By underscoring safety and the preservation of your watches' value, our winders provide a perfect solution to secure and sustain your investment in luxury horology.

    Decorative and functional

    An automatic watch winder is an elegant and functional horological device, powered by electricity, which maintains and powers your watch automatically when you're not wearing it. Through intelligent and repeated movements, it simulates the natural movement of the wrist.

    Our watch winders offer numerous options for fully customisable settings, as well as an on/off switch for activating or deactivating rotation modes. But that's not all: you can also personalise your winder to your preferences!

    Here are the features of a luxury watch winder:

    • Keeps your watch precisely timed
    • Enhances your interior decor
    • Diverse designs (Colours, Quality, Price, and Material)
    • Secure storage for your watches (safe)
    • 100% silent motor mechanism
    • LED lighting options
    • A touchscreen for better accessibility
    • Simulates wrist movement to extend the lifespan and performance of your watches

    How many slots for your automatic watch winder?

    If you're looking for a box capable of storing and maintaining your entire collection, our programmable winders are exactly what you need. Thanks to their cutting-edge mechanism and watchmaking technology, they will become the perfect partner for your precious watches. Many models offer multiple slots to host several pieces of jewelry at the same time, thereby keeping all your timepieces running.

    Depending on your needs, different winders offer various capacities, ranging from a single slot to 24 slots to accommodate your collection and ensure your watches always remain in working condition. The price varies based on the desired capacity, and it is also possible to combine multiple winders to create an elegant and efficient automatic storage system.

    The quality construction of these winders makes them both elegant and versatile, ranking among the best models available on the market. Each section of the winder is individually controlled, thereby allowing you to customise the direction, turns per rotation and pause duration between each rotation for every watch, irrespective of the capacity of the winder.

    Furthermore, some winders offer additional compartments for storing other pieces of jewelry, providing you with a unified storage space for your watches and bracelets.

    How do you wind an automatic watch?


    When should you wind your watch?

    Due to the functioning of your automatic or mechanical watch, you need to wind it as often as possible.

    That's why we recommend keeping your favourite automatic watch in a classic or multi-slot winder while you sleep or when not in use.

    They allow you to keep your watch wound and ready to wear whenever you wish; this works for all brands like Omega, Rolex, etc...


    Is manual winding a good idea?

    An intervention from an expert is recommended as manually winding your watch runs a high risk of damaging your valuable possession. Of course, you can do it using a winding tool, but at your own risk.

    Instead, you would simply place your automatic pieces in a winder so that they stay on time for extended periods.

    Let us assist you with our guide to choosing the best automatic winder for you.

    Your automatic timepiece is a high-end luxury accessory that you paid a premium for. It needs to be correctly stored in a box or a display case, so that it doesn't get damaged, and its value doesn't diminish. An automatic storage box will protect your precious timepiece from the harmful effects of magnetism, dust and excess humidity (can cause corrosion). But, it will also allow the mechanism to function smoothly and maintain its precision over time.

    Why should you wind your Rolex?

    A compact winder for Rolex is an excellent first purchase, ideal for travel. Compatible with various watch brands, it automatically winds your jewellery and protects them with tempered glass and a silent motor.

    Watches such as Rolex need to be worn to stay wound, making it a perfect gift. The high-quality black leather cases preserve your Rolex and other luxury watches. Essential for collectors and watch enthusiasts, it's an ideal gift. Enjoy safe and free delivery on our site and take care of your precious watches before they break down. Our winders also suit other luxury brands.

    The winders are also adaptable for all other models: Audemars Piguet, Baume Mercier, Blancpain, Boucheron, Breguet, Breitling, Omega, and many others.

    Our collection of automatic watch winders

    Discover our collection of automatic watch winders, designed to keep your watches in perfect functioning order. Our wooden winders offer a gentle, continuous rotation, preserving the mechanism of your watches, whether automatic or manual. These elegant winders are showcased in a beautiful box that will seamlessly blend with a chest of drawers or a showcase.

    The wood lends a luxurious and timeless aesthetic to our winders, courtesy of its beauty, warmth, and inviting texture. Crafted from high-quality wood, they are sturdy and long-lasting.

    Explore other accessory styles in our catalogue, such as the black Hublot winder. The winders in our catalogue are devised from carefully chosen materials.

    Our winder is a modern and elegant solution for storing your mechanical watches without having to manually adjust them. Our winders are available in black, leather, or carbon finishes, thus reflecting the care you take in maintaining your watches.

    My watch winder is broken, what should I do?

    If your watch winder is broken:

    • Identify the issue and refer to the user manual.
    • Reach out to the manufacturer or the seller for assistance or replacement parts.
    • Get the watch winder repaired by a watchmaker or a specialized repair center.

    If repairs are not feasible or expensive, you may consider replacing the watch winder.

    Ensure to follow the maintenance instructions to avoid future problems.