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    Watch Winder Buying Guide

    This buying guide is here to assist you in making your watch winder choice. This practical device keeps your automatic watches functioning correctly and can extend their lifespan by several months to years, depending on the watch type. Watch winders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are a few basic elements to consider when choosing one. Obviously, automatic watch winders are suitable for all types of brands:

    • Audemars Piguet
    • Baume & Mercier
    • Blancpain
    • Boucheron
    • Breguet
    • Breitling
    • Rolex
    • Omega

    What is a Watch Winder?

    Automatic watch winders are a revolution and the ultimate solution to keep your automatic watch fully wound and ready to wear. Place your watch on one of our models and it will start rotating according to one of the following settings: clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional.

    This ensures your watch is always on time and in good condition!

    Because yes, the more your watch remains unworn, the more the mechanism can get damaged...


    How Does an Automatic Watch Winder Work?

    To set the number of rotations per day and the total timer duration, simply use our convenient touch screen or manual interface. The automatic case houses a state-of-the-art, precision Japanese electric motor that maintains and secures any type of automatic watch.


    No more need to reset your watch!

    Why Wind Your Watch?

    Using a watch winder can also extend the life of your watches thanks to its specially designed automatic movement. Additionally, having these accessories adds more design to your desk, or other furniture.
    Protecting your precious automatic watch is important to avoid any scratches and damage. We therefore offer you a wide collection of elegant automatic watch winder boxes for both men and women.

    The Best Automatic Watch Winder for Your Watch


    With the Astronome collection, you will benefit from the best-kept secret of watch collectors, which involves winding their automatic watches using a rotating device. This exceptional luxury automatic accessory will help you preserve the quality and value of your watch.

    It's a blend of modern design and technology. This premium watch winder will help you store and display your favorite automatic watches in a quiet, efficient, and stylish manner. The innovative design of the Astronome collection pays homage to the finest timepieces and astronomy with its magnificent rings.


    The Bell collection of watch winders offers an elegant way to keep an automatic watch wound. Imagine this stylish bell in your dressing room or living room, displaying and maintaining one of your favorite watches. The pleasure of knowing your watch is always fully wound keeps it looking elegant.

    With its bell, you get a 360° view of your timepiece, giving the impression that your watch is floating in space with grace.


    The Vintage collection winder is an elegant and highly functional piece for all collectors. This watch winder has two slots, but its cream and vintage look make it a prestigious accessory. Inspired by Anglo-Saxon style, this winder greatly assists in the art of maintaining your watches.


    Looking for security? The Sextuor Safe collection is for you! Imagine a watch winder that ensures the protection of your watches with high-quality steel plates that resist shocks. A double alarm is triggered in case of repeated authentication failure or if a blow is detected. In a discreet drawer hidden in the lower part of the case, you'll find storage space for your jewelry and other accessories as needed.


    The Lily collection embodies the blend of timelessness and modernity, and adapts to your needs. Unveil the secrets of luxury watch storage with this perfectly designed winder. Most of these watch winders have 3 different modes to suit your needs. Its superior engineering makes it a durable investment that will continue to provide years of optimal preservation.


    The Amphibian watch winder collection provides six slots for your collectible watches. This splendid Amphibian collection will preserve your timepieces in exceptional conditions. In addition to displaying them beautifully, you will enjoy various color displays to highlight your watch collection!


    Create a stunning showcase for your finest watch collection with the new Zebra collection winder. This masterpiece from the ultra-luxurious Zebra collection, designed by a Japanese designer, will impress with its high-quality finish. Enjoy a unique singularity with its zebra stripes painted on oak wood, illuminated by a palette of 48 adjustable lights to enhance your finest watch collection.


    Discover the Quatuor Wooden winder collection, a stylish and meaningful decoration. With its soft, warm, and cozy design, this Prestige Quatuor winder has been created to protect, maintain, and store your precious automatic watches. This watch winder is crafted from the noblest materials; fine brass.


    The Duo watch winder collection makes a bold step forward in functionality, with rotating carousels that can be set to wind two different watches simultaneously. Its main selling point is its solid construction and capacity.


    Add an elegant addition to your watch collection with the Italian Scatola Del Crepusculo collection. This chic winding box of high quality is designed for luxury watches. It features curved walls to protect your timepieces, and two storage compartments capable of holding a total of two watches.


    This watch winder collection is the perfect way to store and maintain your favorite watch. It features varnished wood, and a distinctive, clean design that fits any space or style. The high-end manufacturing mechanism ensures that your watch is wound regularly and consistently, maintaining its horological precision throughout the year.


    If you appreciate elegant designs, the Rustic Wood collection will perfectly accompany your watch. The wooden style blends with many decors, while its quiet motor preserves the calm of the room. This extraordinary wooden watch accessory stands out and showcases your possession in a high-quality automatic box.


    If you appreciate elegant designs, the Rustic Wood collection winder will perfectly complement your watch. Its wooden style fits many decors, and its quiet motor maintains the tranquility of the room. This unique wooden watch accessory stands out, showcasing your valuable timepiece in a high-quality automatic box.


    The Oscura winder collection is the ideal complement to your personal watch collection. Each winder in this collection is crafted from Italian leather and designed to fit any space, be it on your desk or bedside table. Its elegant design offers a modern look with a subtle masculine touch.


    The Safe collection of watch winders is equipped with cutting-edge horological technology, combined with a modern style and safety features. It protects your valuables, including watches, while regularly winding them. The beauty of high-carbon steel with microfiber leather and glossy paint adds a touch of elegance to your home or office.


    Create a sophisticated and glamorous display with the new Hublot winder collection. This exquisite and beautiful piece will showcase your luxury watches while protecting them from dust and damage. Made from the finest materials, including leather and aluminum, this unique design is sure to impress any crowd.

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