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    How long should a watch be on a winder?

    Determining the Ideal Time to Keep a Watch on a Winder

    For watch enthusiasts in India, where the luxury watch market is flourishing, understanding the optimal duration for keeping a watch on a winder is key to maintaining their prized timepieces. This article explores the recommended time a watch should spend on a winder to ensure its longevity and precision.


    Automatic watches, which are particularly popular in India, rely on movement to wind themselves. A watch winder serves to replicate the motion of the wrist, keeping the watch running smoothly when not worn. However, the question arises: how long should a watch be kept on a winder?

    The general consensus among horology experts is that a watch need not be on a winder continuously. In fact, constant winding is not necessary and can lead to wear and tear over time. The ideal approach is to use the winder to keep the watch running for a period, then allow it to rest. This mimics the natural wear pattern and ensures that the oils within the watch movement are evenly distributed, maintaining the mechanism's integrity.


    In the Indian context, where temperatures and humidity can vary significantly, it's advisable to keep the watch on the winder for just enough time to ensure it stays wound and operational. This typically means a few hours each day or every other day, depending on the watch's power reserve and the winder settings.

    It's also important to consider the type of watch and its specific needs. Luxury watches with intricate complications may require more careful winding strategies to maintain their precise calibration. Conversely, more robust models may not need as meticulous a winding schedule.

    Lastly, for Indian watch owners who travel frequently or rotate between multiple watches, a winder can be set to operate intermittently. This ensures that the watch is ready to wear when needed, without overstraining the mechanism.

    In summary, the key to using a watch winder effectively is balance. By understanding the needs of your particular timepiece and adjusting the winder's use accordingly, you can ensure the longevity and accuracy of your watch, making the winder an invaluable tool in your watch care regimen.