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    White Leather Watch Box with 4 Slots

    ₹2 307

    Provides long-lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:leather, flannel

    Height: 15 cm

    Width: 14 cm

    Length: 24 cm

    Storage: 4 watches + jewellery compartment

    Colour: white


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    Description of White Leather Watch Box with 4 Slots

    A precious case for your watches

    Provide your automatic watches with a true sanctuary with this beautiful white leather watch box. Designed to protect your precious timepieces, it boasts four slots to house your high-end watches. The flannel lining ensures optimal protection against dust, thereby preserving their delicate mechanisms and lustre.

    An elegant and refined design

    Like a jewellery case, this watch box is a true work of art. The impeccable quality white leather provides a luxurious and refined look, while the dimensions of 24 cm in length, 14 cm in width, and 15 cm in height give it an elegant and understated presence. The secure closure and meticulous finish make it a piece that is both practical and aesthetic.

    Additional storage space for your jewellery

    In addition to protecting your watches, this watch box comes with a storage compartment for your jewellery. Organise and protect your treasures in one place, without worrying about them getting tangled or scratched.