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    Watch Case - Vintage Sei

    ₹17 910

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: Genuine cow leather, Flannel

    Weight: 701 g

    Height: 18.5 cm

    Width: 7.5 cm

    Length: 23.5 cm

    Storage: 6 watches

    Colour: Brown

    Ref: 83HHA

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    Are you looking for a prestigious storage space for your travels?

    The Vintage Sei watch case is the storage space you need for your 6 favourite watches. It provides additional protection for your entire collection, as well as ample space in each compartment to accommodate larger timepieces. With its high-quality leather and unique design, this travel case will become a choice addition to your collection of accessories.

    The watch case is entirely handcrafted with a unique design. We have chosen the highest quality Italian leather, carefully selected for its natural scars and uneven colour. A tight fit secures your watch against accidents and impacts. The soft inner lining prevents scratches on your watch.

    Move around now with this prestigious case with no risk whatsoever.