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    Watch Case - Black Duo

    ₹7 098

    Provides long-lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:Leather, velvet

    Height: 10 cm

    Width: 7.5 cm

    Length: 15 cm

    Weight: 290 g

    Storage: 2 slots for watches

    Colour: black

    Ref: 59OPM

    Description - Black Duo Watch Case

    The world of high-end watchmaking is often associated with refinement and sophistication, but this Black Duo watch case opts for simplicity to better showcase the timepieces it contains. Like a harmonious duo, it provides two slots for watches, allowing for the safe transport and protection of two significant pieces. The quality materials such as leather and velvet deliver a sense of luxury while maintaining practicality and functionality.

    Like a pair that syncs perfectly, this Duo watch case is an indispensable companion for enthusiasts of upscale automatic watches. It offers efficient protection against dust and impacts while enabling easy and comfortable transport. Its black colour adds an element of elegance and sobriety to the package.

    This Duo watch case is the ideal solution for those who want to travel with their favourite watches securely. It is compact, lightweight, and easily portable, thus offering a choice of two superior quality timepieces. With its quality and reliability guaranteed, this watch case stands out for its impeccable standards.

    Like a duo functioning in harmony, this watch case is designed to carefully and effectively preserve your automatic watches. It is the perfect solution for passionate travellers of high-end watches who value simplicity, quality, and sleek design.

    Do not hesitate and choose this Black Duo watch case, which combines practicality, reliability, and elegance. It ensures that your favourite automatic watches are transported and protected safely and with style.