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    Watch Box - Yang Wedding

    ₹8 010

    Provides long-lasting protection to automatic watches and keeps them dust-free. Essential for luxury watches.

    Materials: Wood, Leather

    Weight: 269 g

    Height: 6.5 cm

    Width: 10.5 cm

    Length: 10.5 cm

    Storage: 1 watch

    Colour: White

    Ref: 02LSA

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    Are you looking to give a present filled with value? Introducing the Yang Wedding Watch Box, embodying life, family, brotherhood, and mindfulness.

    This watch box makes an extraordinary gift symbolising love and unity. It appeals to those who are fond of energy and symbolism. Its black leather coating will nicely complement many decors. It is subtle and yet so precious and distinctive. The Yang box will integrate into your bedroom decor in a satisfying way, being more than just a practical accessory.

    The Yang Wedding Watch Box is the perfect item to keep your watch safe and stylish. Its simple and modern design makes it a fashionable gift item. At the same time, its quality leather coating ensures durability so that this product lasts for years. It is crafted from oak wood for utmost sturdiness.

    It features a leather cushion to ensure optimal protection, and it also offers chic aesthetics. It’s a choice of prestige.