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    Watch Box - Wallet

    ₹17 910

    Provides enduring protection for automatic watches and keeps them dust-free. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: Leather, flannel

    Weight: 650g

    Height: 7cm

    Width: 20cm

    Length: 23cm

    Storage: 6 watches

    Colour: Black and Coffee Brown

    Ref: 63PFV

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    If you are searching for a new watch box, look no further. The Watch Case Wallet features 6 removable cushions that are perfect to protect your watches and accessories.

    Your watch is a piece of fine jewellery. To serve its purpose, it must be shielded from impacts and damage. If your watch isn't protected, you should immediately consider this case.

    The watch case is designed to be the perfect complement to any jewellery box or dresser.

    The luxury Watch Case Wallet is chic and sophisticated, crafted to store and display your watch collection. The rich leather exterior is matched with a structured flannel-lined interior that guards your watches from scratches while keeping them securely stored.

    Store your watches and other essentials in this beautiful watch box. Uniquely designed to hold 6 watches, the interior is lined with soft flannel to protect the stored items inside.

    Keep your watch safe when travelling with this watch box. It features a sleek design and a travel lock that allows you to secure the case when you want to transport your watch collection.

    Whether you're looking to store watches, accessories, or jewellery, our 6-slot watch box is the perfect solution.