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    Watch Box - Standard Sportive Edition

    ₹2 540

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:Plexiglas, carbon fibre

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 12cm

    Length: 28cm

    Storage: 5 watches

    Colour: Black and Red

    Ref: 65SSL

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    The standard sportive watch box is designed to protect your favourite watches from dust, water, and physical damages. It can hold up to 5 watches and blends seamlessly into any setting with its matte black and red finish.

    Keep your watches secure in this black and red watch box. This functional storage solution features a sturdy carbon fibre exterior and a high-quality interior to protect your watches.

    This box is made from high-quality carbon fibre and will protect your watch from scratches. The watch box is designed with a latch to keep the lid securely closed and prevent your horological jewellery from falling out.

    If you want to stylishly display your watches and protect them from dust, this sportive watch box is what you need. The watch box is equipped with a clear display that allows a complete view of your watches and lets you easily take them out.

    Its transparent design allows for quick identification of the watch you’re looking for without having to open each compartment as you would with a traditional storage arrangement.

    The interior of the box is divided into 5 spaces so that each watch is stored properly, which allows you to simply keep all your favourite watches together.