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    Watch Box - Spacious Heisse Ebony

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    The Spacious Ebony Watch Box will be the vigilant guardian over your precious high-end watch treasures it houses. Made in Germany with noble materials such as ebony wood, this box is a true artisanal gem that protects automatic watches from dust as a protective shield. Ebony wood is known for its durability and sturdiness, ensuring that your watches are secure for the many years to come.

    Its elegant brown hues resemble tailor-made attire for watches, perfectly harmonising with any decorative style. This watch box is a subtle, yet elegant addition to any room, like a piece of art that catches the eye while blending harmoniously into its surroundings.

    With the capacity to hold up to 10 watches, this luxurious box is made for collectors and watch enthusiasts, organising their collection with sophistication. The soft, padded compartments keep watches safe from knocks and scratches, while the stainless steel clasps provide additional security. This box is designed so that each of your watches is easily accessible, like a treasure garden where you can admire and appreciate each of your gems at any moment.

    In short, the Spacious Ebony Watch Box is a precious jewel for high-end watch enthusiasts, protecting their investments while displaying a luxurious style. It is the perfect choice for those looking to organise and protect their watch collection while adding a touch of sophistication to their home decor. This watch box is a lasting investment that will accompany you for many years, keeping your watches in perfect condition for future generations.

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    Description - Spacious Ebony Box

    Durably protects automatic watches and keeps them dust-free. Essential for high-end watches.

    Origin: Germany

    Materials: Ebony Wood

    Height: 9.5 cm

    Width: 21 cm

    Length: 30.5 cm

    Storage: 10 watches

    Colour: Brown

    Ref: JAI91