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    Watch Box - Skimmed Case

    ₹10 710

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential protection for high-end watches.

    Materials: leather, flannel

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 15cm

    Length: 20cm

    Storage: 4 watches

    Colour: Cream Beige

    Ref: 43TCM

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    The Skimmed Watch Case Pouch is perfect for storing and protecting your luxury watches.

    Keep your favourite watches safe and organised in the stylish Skimmed Case Pouch. A leather watch box with 4 slots and removable cushions, it's ideal for storing and protecting your luxury watches from dust and damage.

    This case is crafted by experts who master the art of leather craftsmanship, utilising techniques to produce exceptional items.

    The box is made of durable leather and features special cut-outs to accommodate up to 4 watches. There's a removable interior tray that can be used to store other small items such as jewellery. The box is lined with a soft fabric on the bottom and sides to protect your watches.

    Each of your watches deserves the protection it needs in a secure environment when not being worn, a sleek and modern design for your watch collection.

    The Skimmed Case is made of high-quality leather and features four distinct slots, allowing you to store watches of different sizes and styles. The watch box with 4 removable cushions also provides additional support and protection.