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    Watch Box - Simple Elegance

    ₹4 410

    Protects automatic watches for a long duration and keeps them dust-free. Essential for luxury watches.

    Materials: Glass, Leather, Flannel

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 19cm

    Length: 11cm

    Storage: 4 watches

    Colour: Black and White

    Ref: 45PTS

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    This simple and practical 4-slot watch box is perfect for both men and women. This storage box will allow you to keep all your watches in one place, making it ideal for travels.

    If you have several watches, or if you simply want to keep your timepieces neatly organised and easily accessible, this watch box is for you. The watch box features 4 individual removable seats, a detachable lid and special foam inserts to protect your expensive watches from scratches.

    This watch box is crafted from high-quality leather fibre and has a sophisticated style. It comes with a soft cushion inside, making it an ideal gift for watch collectors or enthusiasts.

    This watch box will impress your friends, family and colleagues when they see the care you take of your precious collection.

    The watch case has a clear showcase that allows you to easily display your favourite watches. With its clear and transparent construction, you can see the contents of the box at a glance.

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