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    Watch Box - Rustic Slate

    ₹35 010

    Provides long-lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them dust-free. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:bamboo, microfiber





    Storage:10 watches

    Colour:Brown and Grey


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    A luxurious and rustic Slate Rustic Watch Box which provides the perfect way to store your watches and accessories. Crafted from high-quality wood, this box is made using a special technique that combines multiple layers of wood.

    The result is a stunning finish in light tones. Its glossy finish complements luxury watches as well as other jewellery.

    The box not only houses your watches but also protects them to avoid any loss in value. It features 10 slots for 10 watches with grey cushions, stabilizing your watches in the wooden storage box and protecting them from scratches or damage such as falls.

    This allows for convenient storage of 10 watches in one place, keeping them secure.

    The box can be used both at home and while travelling, or placed on top of a dresser or table. The use of natural materials lends the item a natural rustic look and feel that enhances the beauty of the wood's grain.

    The transparent showcase allows you to view your collection without opening the lid, and its beautiful finish will complement any tabletop.

    Perfect for those who enjoy observing or displaying their collection and want to see their watches at a glance!