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    Watch Box - Rustic Chestnut

    ₹35 010

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps dust at bay. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: wood, microfibre

    Weight: 2000g

    Height: 9cm

    Width: 20cm

    Length: 34cm

    Storage: 10 watches

    Colour: Brown and White

    Ref: 30RAQ

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    The Rustic Alezan watch box is designed to mimic a beautifully crafted wooden chest, making it a stylish and practical gift. This attractive watch case can hold up to 10 watches or even other accessories. The front of this case opens like a book, unveiling its transparent display which showcases your collection perfectly.

    The watch box sits upon a plinth base, crafted from solid wood with a dark brown finish.

    The Rustic Alezan watch box is an excellent way to store, display, and protect your valued watch collection!

    Equipped with a clear lid, this watch box allows you to glance over your collection, which is perfect for display, and its compact size enables it to fit easily into any space.

    The lid opens smoothly on its hinges without causing any wrinkles or pressure on your jewellery, thus preventing any damage even when the box is shaken during travel!

    Keep your watches, jewellery, and other small accessories safe and organised.

    The Rustic Alezan watch box is the ideal gift for any horology enthusiast who wishes to organise their accessories and keep them within easy reach.