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    Watch Box - Premium Sextet

    ₹8 626

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches, safeguarding them from dust. Essential for luxury watches.

    Materials: Wood, Piano lacquer, flannel, glass

    Height: 10 cm

    Width: 23.5 cm

    Length: 38 cm

    Storage: 2 watches

    Colour: Brown, varnished

    Ref: 04FAA

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    It's time to store your precious watches because we've anticipated everything for you.

    We have handpicked for you the Premium Sextuor Watch Box, a visually pleasing and high-quality storage solution crafted in wood and finished with piano lacquer. Gently lay your watches on the flannel cushions, and protect them from dust and scratches in style! The box can also accommodate 6 of your finest watches, allowing you to display them all at once or separate them for a more personal view.

    The box is perfect for display in your living room or in your dressing area, and even for storing other items. It only waits for you to take it home today!