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    Watch Box - Premium Nonette Series

    ₹10 655

    Reliably protects automatic watches and keeps them safe from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:Wood, Piano finish paint, flannel, glass

    Height:10 cm

    Width:33.5 cm

    Length:38 cm

    Storage:2 watches

    Colour:Brown, varnished


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    Do you need a premium space to store your watches?

    Our Premium Nonette Watch Box is the perfect way to store and display 9 of your most precious timepieces. Crafted from wood with a piano finish paint and lined with flannel cushioning, this stylish storage space will keep your watches safe from dust and scratches while making them look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

    Nine of your finest watches deserve to be elegantly showcased - and this case is just what you need for that! Adorn your living room or dressing area with this premium storage box.

    Showcase them now in your wonderful premium case.