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    Watch Box - Oak Chest

    ₹9 810

    Permanently protects automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: Oak wood, flannelette

    Height: 9cm

    Width: 19cm

    Length: 19cm

    Storage: 6 watches

    Colour: Brown

    Ref: 62CCL

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    This compact oak wood watch box is the ideal size to house your favourite watches all in one place.

    Boasting an elegant, sleek design and superior build quality, this watch box features 6 compartments that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 watches, such as ladies' or men's watches.

    This compact Oak watch chest allows you to travel very easily and take your luxury collection absolutely everywhere!

    It is an excellent way to keep your favourite watches safe. With ample room, you can easily organise and display your favoured timepieces while they are neatly stored.

    Showcase your favourite watches in this stylish watch chest. The removable cushions offer ideal storage for exhibiting your splendid collection for all to see.

    Heading on a trip? Lock the watch box using a latch and be at ease during your travels. The solid wood construction, natural oak finish, and the black finishing layer will protect your watches from dust and moisture as well as from shocks.

    Internal damage, such as rust, or external damage, like scratches or impacts, signify enormous value loss for watches.

    Therefore, it's important to protect them all!

    Protect your watches in this high-quality flannelette watch chest. With an elegant design, this chest is a great way to store your precious horological jewels.