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    Watch Box - Night Universe XL

    ₹11 732

    Permanently protects automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: wood, piano paint, ultra-durable acrylic glass, leather

    Height: 12 cm

    Width: 21.5 cm

    Length: 40.5 cm

    Weight: 4500 g

    Storage: 12 slots

    Colour: black

    Ref: 098KJ

    Description - Univers Nuit XL Watch Box

    Our Univers Nuit XL watch box is the quintessential case for high-end automatic watches. Like a lone star in the vastness of space, each watch finds its place in one of the twelve slots of this wooden box, protected by a velvety black piano paint finish.

    The ultra-durable acrylic glass acts as a shield against dust, while the black leather lining gently envelops each watch.

    The dimensions of our Univers Nuit XL watch box are designed to accommodate watches of various sizes, from the most discreet to the most imposing. Its height of 12 cm allows it to fit easily into a cupboard, like a satellite in orbit around its planet. Its width of 21.5 cm provides sufficient space to avoid the risk of scratching the watches against each other, while its length of 40.5 cm ensures maximum protection against impacts and scratches.

    Like a beacon in the darkness of the universe, it is a reliable reference to protect your automatic watches and keep them from the wear and tear of time.

    With a weight of 4500 g, it is stable enough to be placed on a shelf or furniture without the risk of tipping over. In short, our Univers Nuit XL watch box is a real space-time guardian for your high-end automatic watches.

    It offers an elegant and sturdy haven, ensuring lasting protection against dust and scratches. With it, each watch becomes a bright star in the universe of your collection, shielded from all external aggressions. Reference: 098KJ.

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