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    Watch Box - Navy Blue

    ₹6 224

    Effectively protects automatic watches and keeps dust at bay. Essential for high-end timepieces.

    Materials: Leather, velvet

    Weight: 900g

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 13cm

    Length: 26cm

    Storage: 4 watches

    Colour: Navy Blue

    Ref: 42MBV

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    Keeping your collection of fine watches in a drawer or on a shelf is not a good idea. You need a storage box for your watches. This Navy Blue Watch Box is expertly crafted to protect your collection from dust, and it's designed to elegantly display 4 of your favorite pieces.

    Imagine spending a substantial amount on a beautiful luxury watch only to have it lose value in a few years. We believe luxury is not in the number of watches you own, but rather in the investment in accessories to protect those exquisite pieces!

    The high-quality leather Navy Blue Watch Box safeguards your watches and other valuables. The navy colour gives it a touch of elegance and sophistication, while adding an exclusive design.

    This watch box is ideal for keeping your watch collection in perfect condition for any occasion, and it also offers 4 removable cushions for added protection!

    The Navy Blue Watch Box is the perfect solution for securely storing and transporting your precious watch collection.

    Made of high-resistance leather, this travel case features a secure latch lock system for maximum protection and velvet padding to shield your watches.