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    Watch Box - Lavallière Travel

    ₹3 839

    Effectively protects automatic watches and keeps them from dust. Essential for luxury watches.

    Materials: leather, flannel

    Height: 6cm

    Width: 8cm

    Length: 18cm

    Storage: 1 watch

    Colour: Lavallière Brown

    Ref: 13VLZ

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    Manage your accessory with sophisticated style in this leather watch box. Its clean and compact design is perfect for storing your 2 favourite watches and other delicate accessories, and its modern, neutral finish allows you to use it in any space.

    This box is expertly padded, following the best practices of watch collectors from around the world. The spacious and velvet-soft interior will keep your watches safe while they are stored away or moved from place to place.

    The zip closure ensures that your watch is safely tucked away!

    The lightweight and durable construction is finished with a natural leather exterior that keeps your precious possession intact. Keep it in your bedroom to ensure it's never lost at the end of a long day, or pack it up when you need to take it on a trip.

    Travel in style with the Lavallière travel watch box. Expertly crafted by a team of designers and artisans, this stunning box is perfect for transporting your favourite watches while protecting them from scratches, water, and more.

    Protect your horological investment. Extend the life of your watch with our premium watch box.