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    Watch Box - Grey Case

    ₹26 010

    Provides long-lasting protection to automatic watches, keeping them safe from dust. Essential for luxury watches.

    Material: Metal

    Height: 22 cm

    Width: 10.7 cm

    Length: 27.5 cm

    Storage: 6 compartments

    Function: Waterproof and dustproof

    Colour: Grey

    Ref: 93KQN

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    Description - Grey Watch Box Case

    Our Grey Watch Box Case is a true impregnable fortress, designed to protect your high-end automatic watches from external elements such as dust and water. This watch box is made from sturdy metal, serving as a safe to your watch collection.

    With six spacious compartments, it can accommodate all kinds of watches, from the smallest chronograph to the largest diver's watch. Measuring 22 cm in height, 10.7 cm in width, and 27.5 cm in length, this watch box is compact and easy to carry, functioning like a strong portable safe that you can take anywhere.

    Our Grey Watch Box Case is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof sealing system, acting as an impregnable fortress that safeguards your watches from the harshest elements.

    This Grey Watch Box Case is like a strong trunk for your collection of high-end automatic watches. It provides enduring protection against the external elements, serving as an impregnable fortress that secures your most precious possessions. With its waterproof function, it is indispensable for watch collectors seeking a sturdy and reliable solution to protect their collection.