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    Watch Box - Gentleman Case

    ₹4 410

    Provides enduring protection for automatic watches and shields from dust. Essential for high-end timepieces.

    Materials: Leather, flannel

    Height: 10cm

    Width: 7cm

    Length: 21cm

    Storage: 3 watches

    Colour: Black

    Ref: 34EGA

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    Seeking a case to travel with your watches? Introducing the Gentlemen's Watch Box. Expertly crafted, this case will keep your collection safe from dust. Carry your watches in a more convenient way.

    If you're like many, your watch is probably one of your most esteemed possessions, which is why investing in an accessory that protects them from their environment is essential!

    The Gentleman's Watch Case is the luxury watch box you've been waiting for. This black watch box can hold up to 3 watches, designed to shield your timepiece from dust, light, moisture, and impacts.

    The three-compartment design makes it easier to transport your watches. The soft surface is gentle to the back of the watches, while the hard shell protects them from shocks during your travels.

    Comfort and style have never been so sophisticated. The watch case features a black faux leather coating with a red interior, crafted for true gentlemen.

    With its rich palette of red and black, this stylish case is perfect for both men's and women's watches.