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    Watch Box - Deluxe Raven

    ₹15 210

    Permanently protects automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: skai, flannel

    Weight: 870g

    Height: 10cm

    Width: 12.5cm

    Length: 26cm

    Storage: 4 watches

    Colour: Black and White


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    The Deluxe Corbeau watch box protects watches from their surrounding environment.

    This premium watch box features 4 slots, a partition wall and a latch for added security during travel.

    Crafted by enthusiasts, the high-quality black skai leather imitation watch box is both sturdy and long-lasting. The watch box can hold up to 4 watches.

    The most attractive part of this watch box is that it is spacious enough for you to place additional small accessories. The watch case is indispensable for protecting your timepiece jewellery not just from dust, but also from scratches and impacts!

    It is lined with a soft, luxurious fabric for optimal protection. No need to worry about taking your watches with you on your travels anymore!

    Our Deluxe Corbeau watch box is an excellent gift for your loved ones or yourself. The elegant presentation of this watch box will certainly impress. This luxury raven-coloured watch box offers a classy and stylish design!

    Every collector or watch enthusiast should have their personal watch box where they can store all their horological jewels without fear of them losing their value.