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    Watch Box - Charming Spacious

    ₹9 810

    Provides long-lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: glass, leather, flannel

    Weight: 1200g

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 20cm

    Length: 30cm

    Storage: 12 watches

    Colour: Pink

    Ref: 67CSB

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    This charming watch box features 12 compartments. It's the ideal place to store your favourite timepieces.

    This watch box is a great way to keep your watches organised, secure, and clean. Its sturdy construction and 12 spacious compartments make it the perfect addition to any dresser drawer or bedside table!

    Perfect for any type of watch enthusiast or collector looking to protect their pieces while on the move, this travel watch box will keep your collection safe.

    Add charm and class to your travels with the Spacious Charming Watch Box. This elegant hardwood watch box is ideal for storing your watches, accessories, and jewellery while you travel.

    This high-quality wooden watch box features a glass lid to survey your entire collection, and you'll find enough space inside to protect all types of watches.

    Store your watches in this spacious wooden watch box designed to fit all kinds of watches.

    The perfect gift for the watch collector or enthusiast, this beautiful wooden box has a hand-painted finish that blends with any decor.