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    Standard Sport Travel Watch Box

    ₹1 337

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: leather, carbon fibre

    Height: 6cm

    Width: 8cm

    Length: 18cm

    Storage: 2 watches

    Colour: Black and Red

    Ref: 29VSZ

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    The Standard Sport Voyage watch box is an elegant leather box that houses your collection in a safe and appropriate environment, shielded from dust and moisture. This Standard Sport Voyage watch box is an extremely practical product, perfect for carrying your watches during your travels!

    This watch box is designed to store and protect up to 2 watches. Its sporty black and red design makes it easily portable during your trips.

    Expertly crafted, this watch box is the perfect solution to a common problem. If you have ever returned from a journey or holiday to find your precious watches scratched and damaged, you will understand the importance of this luxury storage!

    Travel in style with this unique watch box for the adventurous traveller. This high-quality black leather watch box with red stitching is perfect for storing your favourite set of watches.

    With a division inside the box, you need not fear transporting your watches and avoiding any scratches!

    Made from soft, durable genuine leather, this watch box will protect your precious timepiece jewellery from scratches, moisture, and dust.