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    Luxurious Business Watch Box

    ₹2 599

    Provides enduring protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for

    Materials: PU Leather, Flannel

    Weight: 600g

    Height: 7.5cm

    Width: 19.5cm

    Length: 33cm

    Storage: 12 watches

    Colours: grey, black

    Ref: 96BMG

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    Watch boxes are an excellent way to keep your watch collection safe from the wear and tear of travelling. The Grandiose leather fibre watch box is crafted from high-quality leather and comes with a ZIP closure, removing any worries about your precious timepieces. Meticulously detailed and available in ocean blue, this watch box will stand up to all types of travel!

    Keep your watch collection secure with the Grandiose leather fibre watch box. This beautiful case features a rich and supple high-quality leather exterior, with a ZIP closure for added protection!

    Enjoy a grand watch box, made from high-quality leather fibre. With a large capacity for 12 watches, this case is perfect for your business trips and daily use. Easy to access and pleasant to look at, it is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in quality.

    This superb leather box is perfect for packing watches, jewellery, and other accessories.

    It's now time to protect your beautiful watch with the best leather watch box. Your investment will be shielded from the rigours of travel thanks to our attention to every detail and use of the finest materials available!