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    Classic Walnut Watch Box

    ₹3 032

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:Walnut MDF, flannel

    Item weight:600g




    Storage:6 watches



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    The classic Walnut MDF watch box is the ideal way to store your finest watches. This beautiful wooden watch box will securely preserve your most precious timepieces. Crafted with expertise, the exterior boasts a neat finish, while the interior is lined with a soft velvet-like fabric that will not damage your watch's finish.

    For added convenience, this wooden watch box can accommodate several watches and includes removable separators that allow you to organize your collection by type, brand, or any other attribute of your choice.

    This classic walnut watch box is a high-quality wooden case that is the perfect place to store and protect your valuable timepieces.

    This high-quality walnut MDF wooden watch box is the ideal storage solution for your collection. The classic finish and straightforward design will complement any space in your home.

    The box features a clear window that allows you to view your watches without having to open it. Perfect for any collector or enthusiast!

    Our classic walnut watch box is ideal for helping you stay organized. This watch box is perfect for travel and has special slots for jewellery, so you can travel securely with your timepieces!