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    Classic Vintage Travel Watch Box

    ₹7 127

    Provides enduring protection for automatic watches and keeps them dust-free. A must-have for luxury watches.

    Materials: Leather, flannel

    Height: 6cm

    Width: 13.5cm

    Length: 18cm

    Storage: 1 watch

    Colour: Vintage Brown

    Ref: 15VVC

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    What do you do with your watch collection when you travel? How about a Classic Vintage Travel Watch Box to carry your watches? Crafted by international craftsmen for vintage lovers, this small-sized Classic Vintage Travel Watch Box will keep your collection safe from dust.

    Made from high-quality, durable and practical leather, with a glossy finish and a retro design, it's a piece of choice.

    This elegant travel watch box is perfect for anyone owning more than one watch. Its sturdy design provides a secure yet accessible place to store your watches and accessories. The case features 2 slots for watches, accommodating any size of timepiece jewellery or even bracelets and rings.

    The watch case sports an attractive brown finish on the outside and a white padded interior that highlights your watches.

    Combining modern design with a retro style, this stylish and elegant watch box is the ideal way to store your precious timepieces.

    The lid closes with a ZIP fastening to protect your favourite jewellery!