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    Classic Sportive Watch Box

    ₹3 166

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them safe from dust. Essential for high-end timepieces.

    Materials: Carbon fibre

    Height: 8cm

    Width: 12cm

    Length: 33cm

    Storage: 6 watches

    Colour: Black and Red

    Ref: 86SCL

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    The carbon fibre watch box is the ideal way to store, display and protect your watches.

    Carbon is a strong material, making it perfect for watch boxes as it is more durable than most other styles of boxes. Carbon boxes are lighter, stronger and more waterproof than wooden models. They are also more resistant to heat and do not crack like some other models on the market today!

    Thus, it is the ideal way to organise your watches. The multilayer construction of the watch box, its carbon fibre finish and its soft felt inner lining protect up to 6 watches while giving it a stylish look.

    With its sporty design and durable construction, this box will keep your collection safe while making a strong visual impact with its unique style.

    The matte black case and red stitching make this accessory stand out!

    With the Classic Sporty Watch Box, your collection will be well protected from dust and other harmful particles, and can be safely stored on your bedside table, unlike most basic storage options.

    The cushions can be removed to best organise your horological jewels.