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    Brown Solo Watch Case

    ₹14 772

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps away dust. Essential for luxury watches.

    Materials:Leather and velvet

    Height:9.7 cm

    Width:6.8 cm

    Length:8 cm

    Weight:400 g

    Storage:1 watch




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    DESCRIPTION - Solo Brown Watch Case

    A showcase for your precious watch

    Give your automatic watch a true showcase for protection against the wear and tear of everyday life. The Solo Brown Watch Case is the ideal solution to ensure a safe and elegant storage for your treasure. It will soon become an essential accessory for luxury watches.

    Noble materials and refined design

    Designed with quality materials, this case combines leather and velvet for an aesthetic and functional finish. Its meticulous design and compact dimensions (9.7 cm in height, 6.8 cm in width, and 8 cm in length) allow for discreet portability. Its weight of 400g also indicates its sturdiness and longevity.

    Secure closure and optimal protection

    The button closure system of this watch case ensures optimal protection against impacts and scratches, while keeping your watch free from dust. The elegant brown colour of this case will showcase your precious timepiece, like a true safe for your horological treasure.

    Do not leave your automatic watch at the mercy of the elements and provide it with the high-end protection it deserves with the Solo Brown Watch Case.