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    Watch Box - Vintage Case

    ₹1 841

    Provides lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps them free from dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials: Genuine leather

    Height: 10cm

    Width: 7cm

    Length: 21cm

    Storage: 3 watches

    Colour: Brown

    Ref: 31EVG

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    A watch is a good investment, but damages like scratches can significantly impact its value. Protect your watch from scratches with the Vintage watch case.

    That's why the vintage case is an indispensable accessory!

    A watch case expertly designed by horology enthusiasts. Masterfully crafted, meticulously calibrated, and assembled according to the highest quality control standards, this watch case meets the exacting specifications of watch brands. The lining is made of leather for maximum durability and scratch resistance.

    With a leather fibre construction, it offers a luxurious and stylish design.

    This watch case is made of high-quality leather fibre and has a sturdy design. It is simple and generous, fitting most watch brands. Moreover, the watch case is dustproof and scratch-resistant, effectively protecting your watches. Your collection deserves such protection!

    A dedicated watch case that stores 3 watches and can be taken anywhere on trips.

    Like a pouch, this case can be easily transported!