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    Watch Box - Royale Old School

    ₹17 010

    Offers lasting protection for automatic watches and keeps out dust. Essential for high-end watches.

    Materials:varnished wood, leather




    Storage:1 watch

    Colour:Black and Red


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    Store your precious timepieces in an elegant and portable watch box. The sleek and versatile design of this box makes it the perfect accessory for travelling.

    A simple and elegant design gives this high-end watch box a touch of sophistication. Crafted with the highest quality materials and lined with padding to protect your watch from dust and scratches, it provides a safe and stylish place to store your timepiece.

    The Royale Old School Watch Box represents the pinnacle of modern design, using premium materials and precision workmanship to create a piece you'll want to display. The removable holder of the watch box allows you to showcase your choice of watch while providing a discreet place to store valuables, such as small jewellery or keepsakes.

    Made by international designers, this Old School Royale watch box will keep your collection free from dust. Preserve and protect your watch on your bedside table or dresser as a centerpiece!

    Indispensable for watch enthusiasts, this box can hold your favourite watch. The lid is equipped with a latch to ensure a secure close, preventing your watches from falling out. The interior is lined with plush red material, ensuring your delicate pieces remain unharmed.